That is because EA is doing yet another closed beta this year -- thanks to kick about August 18.

But there's an outside chance you might get in on the action, too.

To give yourself the best shot, you are going need to possess an EA account -- then,buy fifa coins head to email preferences and check the box which says you wish to get promotional materials.

If you are lucky enough to get an invite, you're going to be able to play with an early version of the game.

It's worth mentioning that the screen will include a watermark -- finish with your gamer tag. This is to stop you from taking screen shots or streaming the match -- both of which will result in account ban.

For those who can't get their hands on the closed beta then you are going to need to wait for the demonstration, which drops a few weeks later.
The FIFA 17 demo dropped on September 13, with the full game arriving on September 27.

FIFA 16 followed exactly the exact same pattern, with the demo arriving on September 8 and the game released on the 22nd.
So, what's in the demonstration?

You'll also likely be able to play through the initial portion of The Journey:cheap fifa coins Hunter Returns -- although we would not doing this unless you've played the first one.