Playing a game of FIFA could be a roller coaster of emotions -- one moment you are winning, the next you are chucking the control at the TV.

1 fan, who appears to become 2009 Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak,buy fifa coins decided to make a song about it.

Surprisingly it works quite well... and pub a couple of cringe-worthy shots, the music video is pretty well put together.

The movie, which found its way on to FIFA Reddit has been getting a mixed reaction from the neighborhood.

Still another said: "God I Had hard throughout this, really wish he would of left it amusing or something."

The movie isn't the sole cringe-worthy thing doing the rounds at the FIFA community.

It turns out that Alex Hunter has joined Twitter... which is leading to some equally interesting results.

It is a nice idea in theory, but in fact poor old Alex is getting torn to shreds.

Largely because he's a fictional video game character and is little more than a package of pixels without a soul.

Just take this really convincing tweet directed at him from Tottenham's Dele Alli.

Something amazing happens when you get a Lot of failed wonderkids together on FIFA 17

Soccer is a callous game.

Though some players flourish and have extended careers, others fall by the wayside or fail to attain their full potential.

But what would happen if you created a team filled with flops in FIFA 17?

Would they spur each other on and eventually come out their shells? Or would they fall flat?

YouTuber FNG decided to find out with Career Mode -- with interesting results.

To run this experiment, he edited the gamers -- placing their evaluations back to the highest potential scores that they had in before FIFAs.

Let us take a look at the squad.

Goalkeeper Charles Itandje had an 89 possible rating in FIFA 09, while Micah Richards formerly had a 87 possible evaluation.

Elsewhere, Aly Cissokho, Marko Marin and Franco Di Santo are but some of the more recognisable names who didn't live up to their early promise.

So, how did they get on?

Well... very nicely, in fact.

But that is not all.

Central defensive midfielder Fran Merida -- the lowest-rated of all the players in the group -- has been the league's leading scorer with an incredible 24 league goals.

Then it's on to season two --cheap fifa coins and the kids do it again.

Arsenal sit at the top of the table having a huge 97 points.

Arsenal's Meddy Elito is named the league's top scorer -- having the impressive 21 goals.

And that guy Merida puts in another wonderful display to end the campaign with 18.

Turns out the kids are all perfect.